Thank you for your interest in The Writing Cabin!

We are currently looking for creative short stories between 1000-6000 words, nonfiction personal essays between 1000-4000 words, and poems of all sizes!

Please title all pieces. You have the option of adding your own image, which you must have the rights to or be able to properly source. Please include these sources in the body of the email. If not, no worries- we will choose an image that we feel brings light to your piece. Please submit all text in the body of the email or in a Microsoft Word Document. Include a 75-90 word Bio under your piece. If you wish, you may include a professional headshot to be used with your writer bio. Attach any images to the email. Please do not paste images in the word document.

Do not plagiarize under any circumstances! Your piece will be forfeited, and you will no longer be able to submit to The Writing Cabin.

Please do not submit previously published work. Work from a personal blog or free forum can be submitted, but the title of the piece must be changed.

If chosen, few edits may be made to the body of the work and the title may be changed completely. The artist still owns right to their work, but we ask that if you re-use the edited piece that you credit Alicia McDaniels, The Writing Cabin.

Why submit to The Writing Cabin?

You can use the link to your published piece on The Writing Cabin in your portfolio, as it was published based on merit. Unlike free forums and personal blogs, your work was thoroughly read through and chosen based on its quality, creativity, and substance. This means that your work is deemed professional.

We will promote your work on all affiliated social media accounts of The Writing Cabin, along with our monthly newsletter.

You will be a part of something new! This is currently a one-woman show, and it is newly launching. This means that your expert opinion won’t be taken lightly, and you will get full credit where it is due.

Unlike other online publishers, you still own the rights to your work. You are free to use your original content elsewhere.

Although we currently cannot pay writers for their efforts, we hope this helps you build upon your existing work and leads to more opportunities in the future.

By submitting your piece, you accept and consent to the above written guidelines. We look forward to reading your work!

The Writing Cabin

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