A Toast to Ineptitude

By: Alicia McDaniels Image: Jeannine Cannon What if I made a prose Of the ignominious text Which was verbally deployed While I was in the throes You’re using this as an excuse They said in my frenzy Bewildered, inebriated, dazed Sickened in color like my glass of chartreuse You’re privileged; you’re pretty; you’re white People […]


The Call that Changed My Life

By: Bec Fordyce Image: Kristina Tripkovic, Unsplash I always thought that the phone call that would change my life would be my agent telling me that I booked a lead in an HBO series. It hasn’t happened yet. I got a different kind of life changing call in early August of 2016. I woke up […]


A Modern Union

By: Alicia McDaniels Image: Edel Blake “When you’re married, you grow accustomed to that person. It feels terrible to have to start over. You’re lucky, it will be easier for you.” These words stung my ears, as I was sitting in a grief support group listening to a recent widow. The three other people in […]