Crisis Creatures

By: Malachi Hoskins Image: Author’s own Back against the mountain, Blood thirsty enemies manning battlementsRolling across the hills of the horizonImpossible obstacles.But some peopleHave nothing but clear still waters inside them.Some people take in crisis like sacraments.Some people are only steady When the war is on. When the water has worn down the mountain,When all battlements are […]


A Toast to Ineptitude

By: Alicia McDaniels Image: Jeannine Cannon What if I made a prose Of the ignominious text Which was verbally deployed While I was in the throes You’re using this as an excuse They said in my frenzy Bewildered, inebriated, dazed Sickened in color like my glass of chartreuse You’re privileged; you’re pretty; you’re white People […]


I am My Mother

By: Theawna Brown Image: Ryoji Iwata, Unsplash I worry about things I shouldn’t, I take on responsibilities I don’t have to,I work hard, I am called a “bitch”, I isolate myself, never taught how to love I am controlling, I tell others what to do and how to do it, I lack confidence, so I […]