A Toast to Ineptitude

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By: Alicia McDaniels

Image: Jeannine Cannon

What if I made a prose

Of the ignominious text

Which was verbally deployed

While I was in the throes

You’re using this as an excuse

They said in my frenzy

Bewildered, inebriated, dazed

Sickened in color like my glass of chartreuse

You’re privileged; you’re pretty; you’re white

People are starving in Africa

You still have your life

As if my loss was just something light

Do you still have a boyfriend?

Is he dead yet?

I am just as bloodless and in consternation

From this vile date you lend

To get out of class,

Actress lies about death of boyfriend

It’s true, I couldn’t take it

Learning these skills from a complete ass

You will be fine

As I lay in the trenches

Broken, aghast, barely holding on

Parts of me waning with each sip of wine

Ascension from what’s real

The skies graying with the soot

Lining the walls of the cramped, vacuous room

That began and ceased the despondency I feel

Arising one day from all that was taken

I could replace the lead paint chips of my heart

With the words of the morally destitute

As it wasn’t consolation that helped me awaken

3 thoughts on “A Toast to Ineptitude”

  1. So deep but not everyone will ever understand this. I am an empath and I feel it. Good job

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